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Fools (1970)

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Additional Information
They touched each other and let go of the world.

An aging actor finds himself falling for the beautiful, and much younger, wife of an attorney.

Release Date: December 27, 1970 @ the Cinema Rendezvous and 68th St Playhouse, Manhattan

Distrib: Cinerama Releasing

A disaster upon release, this film was savaged by critics and landed on many Worst of the Year lists in 1970/1971.

Trivia: Name these May/December romance movies from the tagline. Also state if the man or woman is the Decembere.

A) The story of a woman who finally stops running from love.

B) It may be love... but it's definitely exhausting!

C) He fell in love for the first time... she fell in love forever.

D) We're not in love. We just make love. And damn little of that!

She's a divorcee. She's forty. She's engaged... to a younger man.

F) Something funny is happening

G) Just when you think you've found the right guy, someone even worse comes along.

H) How far would you go to protect a secret?


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