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The French Detective

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Adieu, poulet (1979)
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When political thugs murder an opponent's volunteer and also kill a cop, chief inspector Verjeat believes the politician who hired them is as guilty as the murderous goon. Verjeat's pursuit of the councilman, Lardatte, gets him a warning from his superiors. When he embarrasses Lardatte while disarming a hostage (the dead volunteer's father), Verjeat is told he's being transferred within a week. He speeds up his hunt for the goon and, with Lefévre, one of his young detectives, he engineers a complicated scheme to buy more time before the transfer. How should Verjeat play out his values of honor and duty?

Release Date: March 11, 1979 @ the 68th Street Playhouse, Manhattan

Distrib: Quartet Films

As close as you can get to an allstar French film. This has the French starpower equivalent of the OCEANS 11 series in America.


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