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Games (1967)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Where the Normal is Not and the Bizarre Is
Not Since 'Diabolique' Has Simone Signoret Played Such "Games"
Passion wears a mask of terror in this strangest of all games!
Playing Games Can Be Dangerous!

The film was released theatrically in the United States by Universal Pictures in September 1967.
The film was given a belated VHS release by Gaiam, Inc. in 1995 and Universal Home Video in 2000. Both versions are currently out of print.
The film was released on DVD in the Spain by Universal Studios. This release presents the film widescreen. In the 4th quarter of 2011 the film was released as part of Universal's Vault Series on DVD-R. This release is anamorphic 2:35:1.


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