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A Time For Caring (1969)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: December 19 , 1969

Distributor: Avco/Embassy

This Embassy title was first released on Magnetic Video in the 70s.

Avco Embassy thought highly enough of this to release as a Christmas attraction, but despite its great cast, it flopped miserably.

20th Century Fox released this in Canada with a different title- A TIME FOR CARING - but it still flopped.

Trivia: Star Kim Darby had 2 of her films remade in the same year recently, one was TRUE GRIT-what was the other?

What commonality is there between Kim Darby ibn TRUE GRIT and Hallie Stainfield in the samre role in the remake?

One of Kim Darbys costars in GENERATION worked with her in another film, but not as her costar. Name the person, the other film and the role that person played?


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