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Getting Straight

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Getting Straight (1970)

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Additional Information
America's children lay it on the line.

Harry Bailey has returned from Vietnam and returns to college to earn his masters degree so he can teach English. He is considered a hero among the radical student body, but still sees the absurdity on both sides of the fence. He contends with the reactionary administration and the impetuous, often futile objectives of the restless students. He acts as a mediator between the two feuding bodies. On top of everything else, his girlfriend Jan wants to marry him and live a life in the suburbs. He is cornered and finally lets loose at his own masters degree dissertation meeting, just as the latest protest heats up.

Release Date: May 13, 1971 @ the Cinema I , Manhattan

Distrib: Columbia Pictures

boxoffice: $8,250,000

One of many college campus, and anti establishment films from the late 60s/ early 70s. This was one of the last, but also one of the more successful.


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