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Give 'Em Hell, Harry!

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VGT 9007
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99 mins (NTSC)
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Give 'Em Hell, Harry! (1975)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: September 18, 1975

Distributor: Theater Television

Oscar nom: Best Actor: James Whitmore

This was a subscription basis film based upon the successful American Film Theater project of filmed plays by Ely Landau from 1973-1975.

While the AFT film series were actual films, GIVE 'EM HELL, HARRY ! was an actual filmed play. James whitmore'zs Oscar nomination that year drew some controversy as he took the spot of more deserving performances such as Warren Beatty SHAMPOO and Sean Connery THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING.

This was released on vhs by WorldVision and Goodtimes and proved quite popular.

Trivia: Of all the AFT subscription films how many were nominated for Oscars? Name them?

In 1965 another subscription based film competed against a lavish Hollywood backed bio pic. What were the similarily titled films? Who played both lead roles?

A famed dancer/actor/singer failed to pack them in in one of the last subscription type films of the 70s. He starred in a musical that has his name in it. Name the star and the film?


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