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Hard Feelings

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Hard Feelings (1982)

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Additional Information
Set in 1963, this drama looks at the life of Barnie Margruder (Carl Marotte), a teenager dealing with school bullies, his bickering parents, his conflicting feelings about sex, and an often strained relationship with his girlfriend. Barnie's life begins to change when he makes friends with Winona (Charlaine Woodard), an African-American girl from the other side of the city, who gives him a new perspective on his town and the world. Hard Feelings, also known as Hang Tough, was partially filmed in Canada.

After the huge success of PORKYS in 1982, 20th Century Fox picked up this Canadian nostalgia piece involving teenagers -but never released it in the U.S.

Trivia: 20th Century Fox picked up many Canadian lensed films in the 80s , but except for a few, were barely released. Name these Canadian Fox released films from their poster tagline:

A) In this surgeons hands, life has a new meaning

B) So frightening you'll never recover.

C) Some men rise to greatness because of their upbringing. " " did it in spite of his.

D) They thought they took his he wants theirs. Invincible. Unstoppable. Indestructible. He's out on the street and out of control!

Which two of these films starred Oscar winners in Supporting roles?


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