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The Haunting Passion

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98 mins (NTSC)
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The Haunting Passion (1983)

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Additional Information
His love. Her passion. Only death would unite them forever.

Jane Seymour stars in The Haunting Passion as Julia Evans, a woman forced to make a decision between two lovers. The gimmick here is that one of her suitors is an invisible--but very sexy--ghost. The other man in Julia's life is her neglectful husband Dan (Gerald McRaney), a former athlete who is trying to launch a sportscasting career. On the verge of surrending to her spectral romeo, Julia toys with the idea of committing suicide so that she'll be with him forever. . .while her grumpy ex-jock husband waits for her to come to her senses. Made for television, The Haunting Passion debuted October 24, 1983

Beautiful Jane Seymour is torn between two loves -- her sportscaster husband with a career setback that causes him to ignore her, and a handsome, sensual ghost who wants to possess her sexually. Elegantly -- and erotically -- photographed by Hiro Narita.


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