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Hell's Angels '69

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M 271
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Hell's Angels '69 (1969)

Additional Information

Additional Information
This was the RUMBLE that ROCKED Las Vegas!

Let the fuzz take you ALIVE... the Angels aren't that particular!

BETTER THE FUZZ THAN THE ANGELS... The law wants you ALIVE... the Angels aren't particular!
When a game of chance becomes a game of death!

Chuck (Tom Stern) and his brother Wes (Jeremy Slate) are the wealthy siblings who plan to rob Caesar's Palace more for fun than profit. They ingratiate themselves to the Hell's Angels of Oakland, lead by Sonny Barger (himself). The brothers plan to use the gang as a diversion during the staging of the planned heist. When Betsy the biker babe (Conny Van Dyke) mistakenly reveals the plan, the brothers are forced to take other measures when they become separated in this boring biker movie that features real Hell's Angels gang member

Release date: September 10, 1969 @ the DeMille,Manhattan

Distrib: American International


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