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The Helter Skelter Murders

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The Other Side of Madness (1970)

Additional Information

Additional Information
The shocking true story of the Charles Manson death cult!

A Nightmare of TERROR!!

The DOCUMENTED Re-enactment of the Horrifying BEVERLY HILLS MASS KILLINGS that Shocked the World! Murder...Without Reason...Without Mercy...Beyond Human Comprehension!

This grim retelling of the Helter Skelter slayings was filmed while the famous case was still in trial. The action takes place in the courtroom, as witnesses give their testimony and flashback sequences pull the viewer into the events leading up to and including the killings (though the names of the real-life principals are never used). What The Helter Skelter Murders might lack in factual accuracy it makes up for with period authenticity and a slow, dreamlike atmosphere, that, if endured, presents a certain harrowing feel not found in other depictions. Unfortunately, the film ends abruptly in mid-flashback, leading one to assume that it was unfinished and damaging whatever dramatic tension had been slowly boiling. The Helter Skelter Murders has an interesting style and some intense imagery, especially during a fanciful sequence showing what Charles Manson's imagined "black revolution" might look like. Still, the whole point of this exercise is exploitation, so those interested in a thoughtful examination of the case should look elsewhere. Included on the soundtrack is a version of Manson's song "Mechanical Man" (reportedly performed by Charlie himself) and selections by the Music Machine.

You are there every terrifying moment as the Manson "family" commits the most hideous murders in the history of Hollywood. Filmed while the Manson trial was still in progress, this modern "noir" proved so shocking it was banned in Los Angeles. Superbly photographed and directed by award-winning filmmaker Frank Howard, with sequences actually filmed with the "family" at the Spahn Ranch. Charlie Manson performs his songs "Mechanical Man" and "Garbage Dump" on the soundtrack.

Release Date: 1970

Distrib: Prestige Pictures


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