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Hometown U.S.A.

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VA 4368
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Hometown U.S.A. (1979)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Every town is... Hometown U.S.A.

"It was Heaven in '57."

Max Baer Jr. borrows liberally from George Lucas's American Graffiti for this slice-of-life look at teenage life circa 1957. The story concerns a group of adolescents whose main concerns are cars, cruising, and sex. The story centers upon Rodney C. Duckworth (Gary Springer), a shy, virginal teen, and the efforts of his friends Recil Calhoun (David Wilson) and T.J. Swackhammer (Brian Kerwin) to try to fix Rodney up with a date. Unfortunately, their libidos manage to get the better of them, and Recil and T.J. end up going out with the girls themselves.

Release Date: April 1979

Distrib: Film Ventures


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