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96 mins (NTSC)
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Killjoy (1981)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Beautiful Basinger stars in this interesting (if a bit confusing) TV entry about a young woman torn between two doctors: one a dedicated momma's boy mortician, the other a philandering playboy.
As the rival between the two produces a mysterious "other woman," Basinger is intent on finding out who her competition is.

But is her jealousy real? Is the other woman real?

Was a fictitious woman created to ignite passions, or was a murder committed somewhere along the line?

A fun but convoluted plot weighs this one down, but there are some moments spiked by Basinger's charms.

Set in a city hospital, this film is essentially a whodunit -- with the resident pathologist investigating -- but was quite probably intended as a pilot for a possible series, so it plays more like a murderous version of E.R.


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