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The Laughing Policeman

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The Laughing Policeman (1973)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: December 20, 1973 @ the Beekman in NYC

Distributor 20th Century Fox

Boxoffice: $3,500,000

Many Key Video boxart were much like Magnetic Video with a still from the film rather than the poster art.

THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN was lucrative for Fox in many formats.

Trivia: Much of the action surrounds a San Francisco bus. Matthau starred in a film with another mode of transportation as another character that was remade twice. Name this film?

The film asked about in the above question so influenced a director (Oscar nominated this year) that he lifted the names of the characters from that film for his debut movie. Name the director, the film and the characters names?

Three other cop movies opened Christmas 1973. One was the second in a series of films starring an actor who became an Oscar winning director. Name the actor, the 1973 film and the character he portrayed in it?

The second cop film released Christmas 1973 starred an actor whio was Oscar nominated 4 years in a row in the 70s but never one till later in his casreer. Name the film and the actor.

The last cop film released starred an actor who was a supporting actor to a film that won Best Picture, Director and Actor in its year.The star of this cop film went on to earn a Best Actor nomination in the 70s but lost. Name the film and the actor?


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