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The Long Days of Summer

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The Long Days of Summer (1980)

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Additional Information
In this made-for-TV sequel to When Every Day Was the Fourth of July, a Jewish family fights prejudice in their New England comThe Long Days of Summer is a 1980 ABC television movie sequel to the 1978 NBC television movie When Every Day Was the Fourth of July. Taking place one year later, the story follows now 13-year old Danny and the Cooper family in 1938, as they begin to experience the effects of growing antisemitism in their small New England town, parallelling what is happening overseas in Hitler's Germany. The film was produced and directed by Dan Curtis and stars Dean Jones, Donald Moffat, Ronnie Scribner and Louanne.
munity in the years before World War II.

When Every Day Was the Fourth of July originally aired on the NBC network and was intended to be a pilot for a potential series.[2] However, when the series was not picked up, Curtis made The Long Days of Summer as a sequel, but this time airing on the ABC network instead.[2][1][3]
Although a few of the original actors did return to reprise their roles, including Tiger Williams and Gloria Calomee, Dean Jones was the only lead to reprise his role, with the rest of the Cooper family portrayed by different actors for the sequel. Veteran film and television actor, Charles Aidman also returned to narrate as the voice of adult Danny, however he was uncredited in both films.[1] Child actress Louanne was cast to take over the role of Sarah for the sequel, becoming her very first role before rising to stardom in such films as Oh, God! Book II and A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.[4]
As with the first film, the decision was made to shoot "Bridgeport, Connecticut" in California. Curtis returned to the same neighborhood in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and shot many of the outdoor scenes for the sequel in the same locations that were used in the original film.


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