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Looker (1981)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date : October 30, 1981

Distributor: Warner Brothers

Boxoffice: $3,281,232

30 years and more later , LOOKER still looks fresh. Panned upon initiakl rtelease this movie anticipated many cinema tricks still used today.

This 1991 vhs is awesome

Trivia: Director Michael Crichton was involved in an early 70s movie with a provacotive title about voyeurism. Name the films original title and its vhs title?

Albert Finney had 2 films released in 1981, this and WOLFEN. He would have had a third one, a Christmas release for Oscar consideration. What was thast film and why was it held back for relerase until 1982?

The director of WOLFEN had a hit movie more than a decade before and hasnt directed a movie since? What was that earlier films title? Who worked on it and later became an Oscar winning actor?

What does LOOKER have in common with Booker (Richard Grieco from 21 Jump Street)?

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