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Nickelodeon Friends Variety Pack

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LV 49586
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VHS | N/A | Slipcase
30 mins (NTSC)
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Nickelodeon Friends Variety Pack (1994)
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Additional Information

Additional Information
Contains clips from the following Nickelodeon shows:

Doug: "Doug Says Goodbye"
Rugrats: "Farewell, My Friend"
Clarissa Explains It All: "A Little Romance"
Rocko's Modern Life: "Bedfellows"
The Adventures of Pete and Pete: "When Petes Collide"
Ren and Stimpy: "Ren's Pecs," "Stimpy's Fan Club"

The rest of the video features commentary by Ren and Stimpy. The credits feature "Better Than No One" from the You Eediot! album.


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