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One Night of Love

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95 mins (NTSC)
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043396904231 | N/A
One Night of Love (1934)

Additional Information

Additional Information
In this film, Grace Moore opens the film by losing a radio talent contest in New York. She disconsolately heads to Europe, where the best job she can come up with is singing in a restaurant. Here she is discovered by brilliant voice-teacher Tulio Carminatti, who carefully nurtures Moore.

Theatrical release poster
Directed by
Victor Schertzinger
Produced by
Harry Cohn
Written by
Charles Beahan (story)
Dorothy Speare (story)
James Gow
S.K. Lauren
Edmund H. North
Grace Moore
Tullio Carminati
Lyle Talbot
Music by
Alfred Newman
Victor Schertzinger
Louis Silvers
Howard Jackson
Joseph Walker
Edited by
Gene Milford
Distributed by
Columbia Pictures
Release dates
September 5, 1934
Running time
83 minutes
United States
Box office
One Night of Love is a 1934 Columbia Pictures romantic musical film set in the opera world, starring Grace Moore and Tullio Carminati. The film was directed by Victor Schertzinger and adapted from the story, Don't Fall in Love, by Charles Beahan and Dorothy Speare.
In the relatively new use of sound recordings for film, One Night of Love was noted at the time for its innovative use of vertical cut recording for which Columbia Pictures received an Academy Scientific and Technical Award


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