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Phobia (1980)

Additional Information

Additional Information
What happens when your Psychiatrist goes out of his mind?

Release Date: September 9, 1980

Distrib: Paramount

This film was never released widely by Paramount. It was poorly reviewed and is considered a blemish on the great John Huston's career-equal to that of the infamous MYRA BRECKINRIDGE in which he appeared.

Trivia: 2 other films had very similar plots to this film. The first was released before PHOBIA and had a controversial ending that had one of the few actors nominated for an Oscar(as Supporting Actor) in a horror film from the 60s. Name this film?

The second was released almost two decades later and went under various titles. Ironically it starred an actor who had worked with both the director of PHOBIA and the actor who was the true star of the film we are hinting at in the first trivia question. In different movies released a year apart from each other. Name the film , the star and the 2 films he worked with Huston and the other actor?

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