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Satisfaction (1988)

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Additional Information
A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon (1988)

Rated PG-13
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These Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

One Band. One Dream. One Summer.

To get it, you've got to go for it.

TV's sitcom teen (Family Ties) Justine Bateman is cast as the leader of a four-girl/one-guy rock band who's first real gig is an all-summer job playing at a resort club. The gig includes living accommodations--one room--which the entire band shares for the summer. That memorable summer, with all its emotions, plans and pains, provides the substance of the film.

ennie Lee (Justine Bateman) is the lead singer of an all-girl rock band in Baltimore named The Mystery. At her high school graduation, Jennie gives her valedictorian speech at the ceremony while fellow band member, bass guitarist Daryle (Julia Roberts) is accepting a marriage proposal from her high school sweetheart Frankie. Jennie and the band are planning to go to Florida to audition for a gig at the beach for the summer. However problems seem to plague their plans when, first Jennie’s older brother (and caretaker) doesn’t want to let Jennie go because he feels it will dissuade her to continue her college plans; second, the band’s keyboardist has unexpectedly left the band, and third, Mooch (the drummer) insulted a gang member who then in turn destroyed the band's van. Mooch (Trini Alvarado) tells the band that she borrowed another van from her friend but in fact, assisted by the help of guitarist Billie (Britta Phillips), stole the gang member's personal van. After recruiting a male keyboard player Nickie (Scott Coffey), the band heads south to audition for the gig. Arriving at the nightclub after closing hours, the band fears they have missed their audition. Not wanting to have to return, the band finds the owner Martin Falcon’s (Liam Neeson) home address and decide to make him listen to them play. However, when they arrive at his beach house, they let themselves in and find Falcon is not home. They do find Hamlet, Falcon’s pet Doberman Pincher dog, who, after Billie sings him a song, becomes fast friends with the band. Falcon arrives, drunk and assumes the band are thieves. Explaining who they are, Jennie pleads with Falcon to listen to their music, but Falcon informs them that they are in fact a day early, the auditions for the gig isn’t until the next night. Having very little money and no place to stay, Falcon offers them the room that the winners are supposed to be staying at for the summer. The “room” turns out to be a tool shack with room enough for 5 beds. The next night, the band auditions and the overwhelming applauding crowd response convinces Falcon to hire the band for the summer.

The band members stick out like a sore thumb in the preppy beach side area they temporarily reside in, especially Mooch, who refuses to take off her black leather jacket, although the weather is hot. Daryle (who has broken up with Frankie) started dating a local rich boy and tried to get the band invited to his parties. Billie, outside her comfort zone, started taking more pills than usual to cope with her depression. Jennie encouraged Mooch to spend time with Nicky, who seemed to have a crush on her and Jennie began a romantic relationship with the older Falcon. Falcon tells Jennie he has a music agent friend who books bands for gigs all over Europe, and is going to be coming to the club to watch the band perform. Falcon, after learning from Jennie that she is considering moving in with him, breaks up with Jennie because he doesn’t want her to give up any opportunities because of him. Billie nearly overdoses and Frankie causes a small riot when he goes to the club and sees Daryle on stage being ogled by the local guys.

On the night the music agent goes to the club, Jennie runs out just after performing a song written by Falcon especially for the band and the street gang finally catches up with Mooch for stealing their van. The band all help out Mooch as she fights off the leader and finally Hamlet the dog chases the gang from the club, who are then arrested. When asked about what the music agent said, Jennie implies that the agent loved their music but she turned down his offer for the band to play in European clubs. Upset with Jennie that she would turn down such a huge opportunity, Nicky explains to the rest of the band that the music agent did not want the band, he only wanted Jennie to stand in front of studio musicians. But Jennie decides that it wouldn’t have been any fun without them. Jennie says goodbye to Falcon and the band heads home with Hamlet now a part of the band.

Release Date: February 12, 1988

Distrib: 20th Century Fox

Boxoffice: $8,253,123 2014: $15,984,100


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