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Shadey (1987)

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Additional Information
He'll show you state secrets, your most private fantasies,and a glimpse of the 24 frames per second.

Shadey is a 1985 British comedy film directed by Philip Saville and starring Antony Sher, Billie Whitelaw and Patrick Macnee.[1] A man with clairvoyant qualities is recruited by British intelligence for a secret mission. the film has grossed over $65,817[2]

This surreal British black comedy tells the tale of poor Oliver Shadey, a mechanic who longs to become a woman but lacks the money for the operation. Oliver is a talented lad and has the rare ability to read the minds of people and put their thought on film. He has the best of intentions when he hooks up with greedy Sir Cyril Landau with a way to earn some money and achieve his goal.

Releasec Date: July 7, 1987

Distrib: Skouras Pictures


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