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Slipstream (1974)

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Additional Information
When you have your freedom you don't need anything else but love.

A D.J. in search of the right sound.

Popular, but mysterious rock D.J Mike Mallard (Askew) (who broadcasts his show from an isolated farmhouse) is one day found by a four young people who land their plane nearby his farm. One of them, Kathy (Oatman), falls for Mallard who is also battling with his producer (Rill) over his refusal to play the commercial music that the radio station and record companies want him to play.

The film stars Luke Askew as Mike Mallard, a popular but reclusive radio DJ who broadcasts his show from an isolated barn in the wilderness. After he is discovered by four young people, he begins to get romantically involved with one of them, Kathy (Patti Oatman), while simultaneously battling with Alec (Eli Rill), his producer who wants him to play more contemporary pop hits.

The film's soundtrack includes music by Van Morrison and Eric Clapton.


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