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Song of Norway

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Song of Norway (1970)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date : November 4, 1970 @ The Cinerama in Manhattan

Distributor: Cinerama Releasing

Boxoffice: $10,750,000

Anchor Bay leased a number of ABC Motion Pictures titles to release on VHS. Many films that had gotten limited release theatrically or never on vhs prior were a welcome edition to any library.

SONG OF NORWAY was first released on VHS on Playhouse Video -the family film arm of 20th Century Fox.

Long considered a fiasco by many, the film itself did not do disastrous boxoffice, but didnt set the world on fire either. Star Florence Hendersen , however, never played in a movie in a starring role again.

Hollywood was abandononing epic musicals-which, in the wake of the blockbuster, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, were in demand, although very few made their money back.

Trivia: How many incarnations of The Brady Bunch were there?

Most of the bloated Hollywood musicals were boxoffice faiklures from 1965 to 1975. In the 60s, how many musicals were nominated for Best Picture?

In which two years in the decade did two musical get nominated for Best Picture in each year?Name them? How many won Best Picture?


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