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Sotto... Sotto

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104 mins (NTSC)
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Sotto... sotto... strapazzato da anomala passione (1984)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Oscar's having a little trouble with his marriage...and he suspects everyone.

This Wertmuller sex comedy centers on a married couple who have found the magic gone from their physical relationship. The trouble begins when the wife, Ester, finds herself sexually attracted to her best friend Adele and one day tells her of the erotic dream she had in which she and Adele were reenacting the kissing scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious. Soon a flirtation ensues that falls just short of an actual affair. Poor Oscar, Ester's sexist husband, is beside himself. Eventually doubts about his own manliness end up driving him totally nuts.

Release Date: November 1, 1985

Distrib: Triumph Films


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