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Survival Run

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M 246
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Spree (1980)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Abused. Battered. Cornered. Six Kids Become Killers to Live!

No place to hide-No place to run... Six kids become killers to live!!!

In this youthful adventure, six adolescents head for a vacation in Arizona and end up stranded in the desert after their car crashes. They decide to hike to the closest town. En route they encounter drug smugglers who are willing to kill to keep their location a secret. Bloody mayhem ensues as the young people try to flee for safety.

After a group of innocent teenagers head off for a weekend of fun, their van breaks down in the desert and they must seek help. Instead, they find two criminals, Peter Graves and Ray Milland, and are forced to run for their lives. Violence and nudity follow in this poorly imagined exploitation piece, which commits the unpardonable sin in this genre of toning down the grisly parts that fans come to see. Wretched stuff.

Release Date: February 1980

Distrib: Film Ventures Int'l


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