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Three in the Cellar

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93 mins (NTSC)
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Up in the Cellar (1970)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Three's A Crowd In Any Cellar -- But Man! What An Underground Movement They Can Make!

It's Nice Revenge If You Can Get It!

Colin Slade is out to seduce the charming wife, beautiful daughter and ravishing mistress of his worst enemy. (What a nifty way to get even.)

After a student loses a scholarship due to a computer glitch, he attempts to take his own life. During his suicide, however, he is stopped by the college president, who's currently running for the US senate. Since the student feels that by stopping his suicide, the college president has "killed" him, he gets back at him by seducing the man's wife, daughter, and black mistress

Release Date: August 12 , 1970 @ the Rivoli and Penthouse, Manhattan

Distrib: American International

The title of this film was changed to THREE IN THE CELLAR to make it seem like a sequel to the far more successful THREE IN THE ATTIC.


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