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The Wild Party

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The Wild Party (1975)

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Additional Information
Release Date: March 1975

Distributor: American International Pictures

The release of this Merchant/Ivory film is legendary. Americasn International Pictures took it from them and cut it to 90 minutes and released it in a handful of theaters in the Spring of 1975. A catastrophic flop, it was pulled from theaters. In 1981 it received a a belated New York City release and the producers added back the footage. It had a moderately successful arthouse run, now through Filmways Pictures that took over AIP . As you can see by the box, by the time Embassy Homevideo released this in 1985, it had the Orion logo.
The vhs version is the only way you can see the 90 minute cut that American International initially released to theaters in its aborted 1975 release. The DVDs have the longer version only.

Trivia: Raquel Welch was involved in another film that went through troubles. It was finally released in the early 80s with a different actress in the lead. Name this troubled film and the actress?

THE WILD PARTY is a thinly veiled version of the truelife Fatty Arbuckle story. What other 70s release was a thinly veiled version of Jackie Kennedy?


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