Donna Michelle Productions

1988 - 1990
Hollywood, CA
7 Releases in Db


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History and Information

History / Information
Donna Michele (or Michelle?) Productions was an extremely scarce independent company that operated in the late 80's. They found new films for their line by advertising in the back of video magazines. These ads attracted schlock filmmakers looking to cash in on their home-made zero budget movie. The films were released into slipcases with crudely drawn artwork. Their most successful release was Cannibal Campout, likely due to the graphic artwork. John McBride returned to Donna Michele with a second feature, Woodchipper Massacre. I couldn't really tell you any information on the company, since its hard to find any. There seems to once have been a popular Playboy model by the name "Donna Michelle" but I doubt any connection between the two.. They've only had 7 releases. Attack of the Killer Refrigerator, Cannibal Campout, Monsters and Maniacs, Rock and Roll Mobster Girls, Woodchipper Massacre, Splatter Farm, and the Abomination. Their most scarce releases are Rock and Roll Mobster Girls and Monsters and Maniacs.

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