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The Adventures of Eliza Fraser

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Eliza Fraser (1976)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: December 1976 in Australia

Australian films were a perfect alternative for the American vhs companies to fill their libraries. They were sexy, action packed and usually genre related. More importantly, they were understandable to American audiences.

New World Video had great success with the ALVIN PURPKLE films here on vhs and while HBO premiered FRASER (known on cable as THE ROLLICKING ADVENTURES OF ELIZA FRASER) in America rather than theatrically, it grew quite a following.

Trivia: Although the films from Down Under were understandable, which now famous actors voice was dubbed so American audiences could understand the dialogue in an Australian action film?

Which American actress in her first big film was dubbed by an acclaimed actress who was nominated for Best Supporting actress 3 years in a row (and 3 other Best Actress noms) in a big adventure film?

This 6 time Oscar nominated actress who did the dubbing later played the same role she dubbed in a film that won a Best Song Oscar. Name the actress and the film?

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