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Agency (1980)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Someone wants to control your mind, and they are using your TV to do it.

Advertising is a serious game. Now it is a deadly one at the agency.

Agency tackles the question of the efficiency of media manipulation. An unscrupulous advertising agency, in league with equally untrustworthy political campaign manager Robert Mitchum, plants subliminal messages in its TV commercials. Just as Vance Packard warned in the 1950s expose The Hidden Persuaders, these hidden messages persuade the viewers to vote for Mitchum's candidate. Given the potency of the the film's premise, it's disappointing to watch director George Gaczender handle the material (based on a novel by Paul Gottleib) is so cut-and-dried a fashion. But Mitchum is good, as are his costars Valerie Perrine, Lee Majors, Saul Rubinek and Alexandra Stewart. ~

The Agency (known as Mind Games on video) is a 1980 Canadian dramatic/thriller film. It was directed by George Kaczender,[1] with a screenplay by Noel Hynd.[2]
Based on a novel by Paul Gottlieb,[3] it is a political thriller involving advertising copywriter Philip Morgan (Lee Majors) who discovers the agency he works for, run by Ted Quinn (Robert Mitchum), is using subliminal advertising to manipulate a presidential election. It features appearances by Canadian actors Saul Rubinek as an audio technician (earning a "Best Supporting Actor" Genie nomination),[2] Jonathan Welsh as a police detective, and familiar supporting players Michael Kirby and Gary Reineke as hitmen.
The film was shot on locations in Montréal and rural Québec.

Release Date : Dec 1981

Distrib: Jensen Farley

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