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Assault (1971)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Strikes Terror Into the Heart of Innocence!

Demented! Diabolical! Deadly!

THE DEVIL CRISIS! Fact: Today the devil is powerful enough to possess the man, woman or child of his choice!

She was satisfy his only human desire!

Here Satan satisfies his only human desire...

If you go down in the woods today...

After one schoolgirl is raped while taking a short cut through the local woods, and another is murdered in the same woods a few days later, the local police are baffled. With the help of a reporter from one of the local papers, and against the wishes of a psychologist at the local hospital, a young teacher at the school the girls attended uses herself as bait to lure the perpetrator out. Could it be the creepy husband of the head mistress at the school, the psychologist who seems to be taking an unusual interest in the case, or something altogether more sinister?

Alternate Titles:

Assault UK (original title)
In the Devil's Garden USA
Satan's Playthings USA (reissue title)
The Creepers (vhs )
Tower of Terror (tv)

Release Date: May 19 , 1973

Distrib: Hemisphere Releasing (as IN THE DEVIL'S GARDEN)


This 1971 British imitation Giallo flick had a long, lucrative run in American theaters first in 1973 and then rereleased as the inanely titled SATAN'S PLAYHTINGS! in 1980.

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