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The Car

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The Car (1977)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Is it s phantom, a demon, or the Devil himself?

There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no way to stop... The Car

What evil drives... The Car

Release Date: May 13, 1977

Distrib: Universal

Boxoffice: $12,777,650

No one new the potential of a little science fiction movie called STAR WARS at the beginning of the Summer moviegoing season in 1977.

Unlike today other studios will stay clear of boxoffice behemoths and not schedule other movies around them. THE CAR, which seemed like a sure bet as it was produced by Universal and had a similar storyline to JAWS. It made a respectable $12,000,000 -or about $45,000,000 today.

Trivia: Which other film opened the same day as THE CAR. The company that released it had been sued by Universal for copying one of their big hits...and won the case . This film that opened May 13, 1977 is in the same vein as that one. Name this film and the film that was sued...and won, by Universal?

Which film was supposed to be released on the date that STAR WARS took -but was not completed in time?

How many real life characters has James Brolin played on the big and small screens?

The same year as his current wife had a hit movie, James Brolin starred in his first big budget movie -but it flopped. Both him and his present wife can claim that BOTH of their films were virtually on every critics 10 Worst lists that year. Name the two films?

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