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VA 5048
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80 mins (NTSC)
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Deathstalker (1983)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release date: September 2 , 1983 (Regional

Distributor: New World Pictures

Boxoffice: $11,919,250

The year 1982, for better or worst, shaped the rest of the 800s with such films as PORKY'S , FRIDAY THE 13TH 3-D, CONAN THE BARBARAIAN and THE ROAD WARRIOR all leading to a decades worth of endless low budget Sword and sorcery pictures, teen sex comedies, 3D pics and postapocalyptic adventures.

Trivia: DEATHSTALKER did exceptionally at the boxoffice and is considered to be New World Pictures first S&S epic. But, another bbeat it. Name this NW film?

The fun part of New World Pictures were their ad campaigns. Can you name these NW films by their poster taglines?:

She'll Send You To Heaven, And Then To Hell!

From Dime-A-Dance Girl To Public Enemy # 1

They shot her father, killed off her man, stole her land. She became the ...

It started with a boat trip to see the sights, and ended with an orgy of sex and death...

See wild women fight to the death!

A haunting and shattering film experience.

Wilma gave her daughters everything - her looks, her lovers and the crime of their lives!

A Science Fiction Horror Adventure That'll Blow You Away!

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the calendar again.

100 Proof Women Running Shine 'Cross The County Line!

The Might of the Sword... The Evil of the Sorcerer..


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