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Die Laughing

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Die Laughing (1980)

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Additional Information
As a singer, he's a killer. As a lover, he's a killer. As a killer, he's a lovely singer.

In this black comedy, a humble cab driver spends his days daydreaming of becoming a rock-star. His blissful reverie is one day interrupted when ends up inadvertently blamed for the assassination of a world-renowned nuclear scientist. Soon afterward he finds that he has a stowaway, the late scientist's chimpanzee, the only one who knows his master's secret formula, which if ever written down could cause the destruction of the world. Now the hapless taxi driver must evade both the cops and two villainous Russian Spies

Die Laughing is a 1980 American film released by Orion Pictures starring Robby Benson. Benson portrays a cab driver and aspiring singer who becomes embroiled in a plot to kidnap a monkey that has memorized a scientific formula that has the potential to destroy the world.[1]

Release Date: May 23, 1980

Distrib: Warner Brothers


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