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M 721
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98 mins (NTSC)
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Draw! (1984)

Additional Information

Additional Information
A spoof of Italian spaghetti westerns, starring a Russian Jew and a Hollywood actor born in Nebraska, all filmed in Canada!

Right at the time HBO were producing original films for their network under the HBO Premiere Films banner, DRAW! was purchased by them to premiere in the U.S. on HBO as a TV movie. It was released theatrically by Astral Films (which also spun-off a great VHS company called Astral Video, sure enough) in Canada.

Pop Quiz:
What was the first true HBO Premiere Film which starred a Hollywood legend and a TV comedian?
Who were the stars?
That same year, in May of 1983, HBO premiered another Canadian film as its first TV movie premiere. What was this inspirational drama's title?

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