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The Hardy Boys: Acapulco Spies

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The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV Series) (1977)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Fenton is in Mexico being chased by someone. He then calls the boys and tells them to bring something. And that someone will meet them but before he could tell them anything else, the one following him finds him. When the boys arrive and check into the hotel, two girls who are in trouble walk up to the boys and utters the words their father told them their contact would say. Later a man who claims to be a friend of their father approaches them but they don;t know him

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were both successful book publishing franchises, owned by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a publishing group which owned many successful children's book lines.
The Hardy Boys are brother amateur detectives. Frank is the elder of the two and Joe is a year younger.[2] The two boys live in the fictional city of Bayport, Massachusetts (a change from the book series, which sets Bayport in NY) [3] with their famous father, Fenton Hardy (Ed Gilbert), a private detective who spent "twenty years" with the New York Police Department.[4]
In addition to the Hardy Boys, their stories feature two other characters with some regularity: Aunt Gertrude (Edith Atwater) and a platonic female friend of the boys, Callie Shaw (Lisa Eilbacher), who also does part-time work for their father, Fenton. The only other character who played a major part of the Hardy Boys books, Chet Morton (Gary Springer), appeared only briefly in the series.
Nancy Drew is the amateur sleuth — she prefers the term "part time investigator" — daughter of attorney Carson Drew. She lives with her father, Carson (William Schallert), in the fictional town of River Heights, New York (another change from the book series, which sets River Heights outside of Chicago).[5]
In addition to Nancy Drew and her father, her stories feature two other characters with some regularity: her close friend George (Georgia) Fayne (Jean Rasey and, later for three episodes, Susan Buckner) and Ned Nickerson (George O'Hanlon Jr., son of actor and voice talent George O'Hanlon). Another prominent character from the Nancy Drew books, Bess Marvin (Ruth Cox), made only two appearances in two-part episodes.
In the novels on which the series was based, Nickerson is explicitly identified as Nancy's boyfriend; in the television series, their romance is more ambiguous.
In the first season, Nickerson is a law student who does part-time work for Carson Drew. In the second season, Nickerson is re-introduced, with no reference to his earlier appearances, in a scene, in which he is apparently introduced to Nancy Drew for the first time, as a young hotshot lawyer from the city District Attorney's office. In this second appearance he is played by Rick Springfield.
The TV show marked the first time that the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew met and worked together; they had never done so in the context of the books at that time (up to that point). In the first episode of the second season ("The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula") they meet in a hotel room in Europe; the boys tracking their father, who was working on a case with Nancy Drew. The meeting gets off on the extreme wrong foot, with the unlikely happening of Nancy throwing Frank to the floor, karate-style.
Though the relationship between Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys is mostly platonic, there is a heavily-implied romance between Nancy Drew and Frank Hardy. In one episode ("Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom") they kiss briefly. The romance has its roots in a 1974 film that had starred the characters' actors, Parker Stevenson and Pamela Sue Martin, "Our Time", in which they played lovers

Second season[edit]
For the show's second and third seasons the title sequence was altered; the maze replaced with clips from the series and a collage of book covers from the book series. Depending on which characters were featured - the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew or both - the sequence was altered to give emphasis to one or the other.
During the second season, only three episodes feature Drew alone; the remainder starred the Hardy Boys with Pamela Sue Martin, as Nancy Drew, credited as a guest star (creating an unusual situation in which an actor playing a title role in a series was not actually acknowledged in the opening credits).
This was due in part to a change for the second season, where separate opening credits rolled for episodes featuring the different title characters. Martin left the series during the second season, and was replaced, for three episodes near the end, by actress Janet Louise Johnson.
Main article: List of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries episodes#Season 2: 1977–78
Both the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew featured in eight episodes, six of which were in the form of two-part episodes. Pamela Sue Martin played Nancy Drew in The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula and The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom which were both transmitted in two parts.

Airdate: November 13, 1977 on ABC
After Martin departed the series, the character of Nancy Drew made three more appearances, with the Hardy Boys, in the episodes Voodoo Doll, Mystery on the Avalanche Express and Arson and Old Lace. In those, she was played by Janet Louise Johnson.


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