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93 mins (NTSC)
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Bleeders (1997)

Additional Information

Additional Information
FULL CATALOG number: PCVV-30232 (it does not fit/upload in the space provided)
Dolby Surround
Dubbed in Japanese
Fullscreen (1:33:1)
Includes a Trailer for: Little Boy Blue (1997)
(The trailer is in english w/Japanese subtitles/narration in Japanese and titles in Japanese)

After the end credits there is a (approx. 30 second) clip of 6 screen shots from the film along with theme music from the movie. Each "still" has Japanese titles at the bottom which I cannot translate.
Also, the running time seems to be a couple minutes longer than the time listed on IMDB (89 MIN.)
I do not own a domestic DVD or VHS tape of this film so I do not know for certain.

The date on the back of the sleeve (twice) is 1996.
IMDB lists the earliest video release date as 1998.

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