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Hi, Mom!

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Hi, Mom! (1970)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Hi, Mom! (1970) is a black comedy film by Brian De Palma, and is one of Robert De Niro's first movies. De Niro reprises his role of Jon Rubin from Greetings (1968). In this film, Rubin is a fledgling "adult filmmaker" who has an idea to post cameras at his window and video tape his neighbors

According to the book The Movie Rating Game by Stephen Farber (Public Affairs Press, 1972), the film was originally given an "X" rating by the MPAA, but after a few minor trims, it was approved for an R. The main cut occurred during the scene where Gerrit Graham paints his entire body for the Be Black, Baby performance. He hesitated for a moment about painting his penis, and then finally finished the job. The actual painting of the penis was deleted to get the R. (The first film, Greetings, was released with an X after losing an appeal to change it to an R.)

Employed by pornographic filmmaker Joe Banner, Vietnam veteran Jon Rubin rents a room in New York's Lower East Side and trains his lens on the bedroom windows of a high rise. Among his subjects are a playboy, revolutionary Gerrit Wood, a middle class couple with two children, and a trio of single girls, including Judy Bishop, whom Rubin decides to seduce. Setting his site on her bedroom window, he proceeds to her apartment, where they begin to have sex. During their lovemaking, however, the camera tilts and fails to catch the precious moment, thereby ending Rubin's career as a photographer. Auditioning for the revue Be Black, Baby! the veteran wins the role of a white policeman. During the performance's filming by National Intellectual Television Journal, the actors appear in whiteface and blacken the countenances of their Caucasian audience. The cast then subjects the spectators to physical and verbal abuse. As the liberal audience expresses its approval to newsmen, the blacks, led by Wood, raid the high rise. They are repulsed by the bourgeois husband, who sprays them with machine gun fire. After marrying Judy, Rubin finds a job as an insurance salesman. Disgusted by a diet of TV dinners and tiring of his pregnant wife's demand for a yellow dishwasher, Rubin goes to the basement laundry and deposits dynamite in the washer. Interviewed by a news commentator before the devastated building, the veteran decries violence.

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