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Hurricane (1979)

Additional Information

Additional Information
There is only one safe place... in each other's arms.

Release Date: April 12 , 1979

Distrib: Paramount

Boxoffice: $9,000,000

Besides all the other trends 1979 held, it was also the year of the flop disaster film. HURRICANE was , as most Dino DeLaurentis productions are, much hyped . It failed miserably .

American International's Fall release METEOR did slightly better , but its high cost was the catalyst for American International Pictures being sold.

Surprisingly , the most successful of the bunch was THE CONCORDE: AIRPORT '79. But CITY ON FIRE and AVALANCHE EXPRESS were flops.

Trivia: Which of the above films were nominated for an Oscar?

Name these disaster films from theirt poster taglines:

A)What Happened to Them Could Happen to You ... In Any City Anywhere!

B) An all-star cast is on the run when Mother Nature blows her top!

C) The ultimate disaster

D) The greatest adventure story ever filmed... is not yet over.

E) There's No Place On Earth To Hide!

F) The Sky's The Limit For Suspense

G) The greatest sea adventure in history has just begun!

H) Six million tons of icy terror!

I) Everything they touch turns to pure excitement!

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