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The Image of Bruce Lee

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M 153
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Meng nan da zei yan zhi hu (1980)

Additional Information

Additional Information
The Image of Bruce Lee was originally released in Hong Kong as Meng nan da zei yan zhi hu (International English title: Storming Attacks), although the Bruceploitation title was added for its American release. [1]
It is a contemporary (1970s) action film about Bruce Li as a special agent who teams with a Hong Kong police officer to crack a smuggling ring (among the smugglers: Bolo Yeung). Apart from the title, the only thing this film has to do with Bruce Lee is when someone tells the Bruce Li character that he resembles Lee.

Yueng Kuen directs Bruce Li in the martial arts action film The Image of Bruce Lee. Li plays an undercover police officer assigned to stop a criminal operation (headed by Yin-Chieh Han and Bolo Yeung) that has already stolen jewels and passed phony currency.

Release Date: Fall 1980

Distrib: 21st Century Distributors


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