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The Man With Bogart's Face

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117 mins (NTSC)
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8616211133 | N/A
Sam Marlow: Private Eye (1980)

Additional Information

Additional Information
He wanted to look like him. Live like him. Love like him.

A brand new private eye. And he's sitting on dynamite!

The face may seem familiar. The mystery is brand new.

A man calling himself Sam Marlowe (Robert Sacchi) has his face altered to resemble that of his idol, Humphrey Bogart, and then opens a detective agency. At first he and his secretary Duchess (Misty Rowe) have meager business, but things pick up after a shooting puts Sam's picture in the paper. Some ruthless people, who are coincidentally also similar to characters in Bogart films (and played by Victor Buono, Herbert Lom, and Michelle Phillips), are after a priceless set of blue sapphires called the Eyes of Alexander (from a statue of Alexander the Great), and Marlowe and Duchess are caught in the middle of it all.


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