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Mr. Too Little

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Mr. Too Little (1979)

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Additional Information
It's a carnival world when you're in love. And you'll love Mr. Too Little when he turns a town upside down!

This animated presentation features a circus poodle and his 400-pound Bengal tiger when they escape from the circus.

Young girl, Mindy, has a poodle dog "Mr. Too Little" of the title, and is a part of the circus performers. "Mr. Too Big" is a Tiger, trained by Mindy's Mother. The head of the circus is an angry man who has trained dogs and is mad at Mindy as she took "Mr. Too Little" away as a pet when the dog was one of the most intelligent and talented ever. Many Circus acts perform during the movie. The police get involved when first "Mr. Too Little" runs away and then there is an accident and the tiger "Mr. Too Big" escapes from the circus.


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