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Nathalie Comes of Age

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Natali (1981)

Additional Information

Additional Information
A wild orgy of love.

tarring Marcella Petrelli, Grazia De Giorgi, Pauline Teutscher, Roger Beach, Andrew Johnson and Patrick Baal, «Natali» (also known as "Nathalie", "Nathalie Comes of Age", "Nathalie - Schulmädchen reif für die Liebe") is 1981 Crime/Drama/Mystery film directed by Ilias Mylonakos, and written by Vagelis Fournistakis.

Nathalie (Marcella Petri) is the young, sheltered daughter of a wealthy businessman who discovers sex through intimate relations with her father's business partner. The partner plans to use Dad's money for several business enterprises, but Nathalie discovers there may be a sleazy alternate scheme planned.


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