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Noon Sunday

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Noon Sunday (1975)

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Additional Information
Three professional killers...stalking their prey on a red hot island...timed to explode on....

Noon Sunday is a 1970 action film directed by Terry Bourke about two mercenaries. The film was the first feature produced in Guam.[1]

Terry Bourke and producer Gordon Mailloux had previously worked on the film Sampan together, which had been a success. They decided to make a second film in Guam, in part to establish local facilities which could be used by Japanese film crews who often used the island to shoot commercials and films. Money was raised from local investors and the Guam Economic Development Authority and Crown International agreed to distribute.[2]
Shooting took two to three months using a combination of local actors and Hollywood talent. Scenes were shot aboard the USS Razorback

The film screened all around the world, making $25,000 in Guam, but according to Mailloux, Crown International took all the money

The scene a remote South Sea island. A minor skirmish between rival soldiers snowballs into a potential catastrophe. A standoff between "us" and "them" threatens to heat up the cold war to the boiling point. There's plenty of preliminary bloodletting before the final high-noon showdown. Mark Lenard, John Russell, Linda Avery and Keye Luke star.

The first feature film made on the island of Guam, this is an explosive, suspense-filled story about a couple of mercenaries assigned to assassinate two guerrilla leaders on the island. The mercenaries find themselves caught in the middle when both sides of the conflict decide to target them for murder.

Release Date: 1975

Distrib: Crown International


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