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At Play In the Fields of the Lord

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At Play In the Fields of the Lord (1991)

Additional Information

Additional Information
An adventure beyond the limits of civilization, faith and passion.

Producer Saul Zaentz first tried to make this film in 1965. He discovered that MGM owned the rights to Peter Matthiessen's novel. Zaentz continued to try to buy the property every time there was a top executive change at MGM until 1989, when the new studio heads Jay Kanter and Alan Ladd, Jr. decided that MGM would not make the film. Zaentz then paid $1.4 million for the rights.[3]
The picture was filmed in Belém, Pará, Brazil. It was released to theaters in the U.S. on December 6, 1991. While the film has been released to VHS and Laserdisc, the film was never released on DVD nor Blu-ray anywhere (except for a 2013 DVD release in Spain). This is due to a rights issue with Universal Pictures (the distributor of the film) and Warner Bros. (current distributors of the Saul Zaentz library).

Release Date: December 6, 1991

Domestic Total Adj. Gross: $2,800,100


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