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The Ravishing Idiot

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Une Ravissante Idiote (1966)

Additional Information

Additional Information
It's spy-tacular! - Here comes Brigitte Bardot as the wildest secret agent who ever dropped the Iron Curtain on her foot!

She's got concealed weapons Mata Hari never dreamed of!

Normally spies are a cold-blooded breed... but not agent 0038-24-36!...

Une ravissante idiote (AKA A ravishing idiot) is a 1964 Cold War comedy directed by Édouard Molinaro. François Billetdoux and André Tabet wrote a screenplay based on Charles Exbrayat 1962 novel of the same name. Brigitte Bardot and Anthony Perkins star as the protagonists in the Franco-Italian production.

Release Date: January 1966

Distrib: Variety Film Distribution


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