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The Sin of Adam and Eve

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El pecado de Adán y Eva (1971)

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Additional Information
God created man. Eve created The Sin of Adam and Eve.

The film, directed by Miguel Zacarías, retells the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Mexican actor Jorge Rivero played Adam, while newcomer Candice 'Candy' Wilson played Eve. There are no other actors in the film. The movie is largely silent, with the actors gesturing and calling each other's names to communicate. The film has some opening narration, as well as the voice of God saying a few phrases from the heavens.

The film gained notoriety because Rivero and Wilson appear nude throughout most of the film.

This narrated film follows the biblical story of Adam and Eve, including their creation in the Garden of Eden, their Fall, and their attempt to survive after they are banished to the cruel outside world.

Release Date: June 1972

Distrib: New World Pictures


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