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Three for the Road

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VVA 0023
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VHS | SP | Clamshell
98 mins (NTSC)
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Three for the Road (1987)

Additional Information

Additional Information
...a little fun goes a long way.

Paul was looking for a future. Robin was looking for love. And T.S. was just looking for a ride. In the next 48 hours they will find much more.

Release Date: April 10 , 1987 @ the Ziegfeld,Manhattan

Distrib: New Century Vista

Boxoffice: $1,539,000

This was trashed by the critics. It was Charlie Sheen's second New Century Vista release after the cult classic THE WRAITH.

Sheen later went on to denounce this movie as a piece of shit.

Trivia: Sheen starred in a sequel to a surprise hit horror movie of the 70s that still has not seen the light of day. It also starred an Oscar winning leading man and an actress who passed away a few months ago. Name this lost sequel?

Which New Century/Vista film surprised everyone by almost beating a huge budgeted star filled romp at the box office by merely $80,000?

Howling III: The Marsupials (1987)

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