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Treasure of the Four Crowns

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El Tesora De Las Cuatro Coronas (1983)

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Additional Information
Share The Ultimate Modern Adventure In Wonder-Vision 3-D

In this 3-D adventure, a knock-off of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a mercenary history professor and his crack team of commandos head out to retrieve four stolen crowns said to possess the power of good and evil. It will not be an easy task as the crowns are being held by a mad cultist. The second three dimensional collaboration between Tony Anthony, Gene Quintano, and director Ferdinando Baldi, this follow-up to Comin' at Ya! was not nearly as successful as their first outing.

Treasure of the Four Crowns is an action adventure film, featuring Tony Anthony, Ana Obregón, Gene Quintano and Francisco Rabal and directed by Ferdinando Baldi.[1][2][3]
It was produced as a co-production between American company Filmways and Lupo-Anthony-Quintano Productions, an independent company, the same filmmakers had made Comin' at Ya! in 1981.
Treasure of the Four Crowns was released on January 21, 1983 in the U.S. by Cannon Films, Inc., and was somewhat criticized for its similarities to Raiders of the Lost Ark, most particularly the scene in which the main character runs away from a flaming boulder

Release Date: January 21, 1983

Distrib: Cannon Films


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