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A Very Curious Girl

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La Fiancee du Pirate (1970)

Additional Information

Additional Information
The story of the town amateur who lost her standing....among other things.

Also known as La Fiancée du Pirate and Dirty Mary, this French comedy noir stars Bernadette Lafont as Marie, the title character. Early in the game, Marie learns how to use sex as a means to an end. She enjoys the favors of several of her town's leading citizens, not-too-subtly suggesting that her silence can be bought. Nearly driven out of town by the local moral arbiters, Marie strikes a blow against hypocrisy with a deliciously creative revenge. A Very Curious Girl is the sort of harmless French fare that used to pop up on your local Late Late Late Show in-between the Vegomatic ads and the "Live Better Electrically" public-service spots.

A Very Curious Girl (French title "La Fiancée du pirate") is a 1969 is film directed, edited and co-written by Nelly Kaplan. [1] [2] [3] Other English titles are "Dirty Mary" and "Pirate's Fiancée".[4] [5] The "curious girl" is played by Bernadette Lafont.

Reklease Date: December 30, 1970

Distrib: raegional Films


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