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The World's Most Spectacular Stuntman

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The Ultimate Stuntman: A Tribute to Dar Robinson (1986)

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Additional Information
The Ultimate Stuntman: A Tribute to Dar Robinson offers a look at some of the most dramatic and exciting stunts ever performed by this premier Hollywood daredevil during his 19-year career. See stunts from Robinson's work in Lethal Weapon, Magnum Force, Sharkey's Machine, Papillion, and other classic movies. Highlights include a 300-foot world record high fall, a mid-air airplane-to-airplane leap, a 1,200-foot jump from the peak of the CN tower in Toronto -- without a parachute -- a leap into the Grand Canyon in a car traveling at 100 miles per hour, and more. Commentary is offered by Robinson's colleagues such as Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, Steve McQueen, and others. Chuck Norris hosts this high-action homage to the movie industry legend.


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